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Introducing the all-new
EnoLyzer Wine Analyzer
Automatically calculates results, Stores protocols


Enolyzer is a compact, economical, Wine Analyzer

for enzymatic tests
offering touch screen interface, superb optics, on-board curve-fitting software

ideal for modern winery laboratories.

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 EnoLyzer  -  Semi-Automated Wine Analyzer                              

  • Unitech's turn-key approach provides reagents & protocols.   Plug it in and run your assay

  • Saves Capital:  One-third the price of a spectrophotometer

  • Saves reagents:  Delivers 60 tests from a 30-test reagent kit

  • Bichromatic optics, Six filters standard

  • Easy to use, Interactive touch-screen LCE with USB mouse option, step-by-step prompting

  • Open system - you pick your reagents, your units, your calibration

  • On-board graphics printer

  • 12 station 37C incubation block & temp-controlled read well

  • Large non-volatile memory stores 99 user programs

  • CE and NRTL certifications pending


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Bring Enzymatic Testing ‘In-House’ with EnoLyzer





Periodically we update EnoLyzer firmware with new features.  The firmware controls the operator interface and is the mechanism for us to provide you with new features as they are developed.  Contact Unitech (info@unitechscientific.com) to get your updated version of firmware, we will email you files to be loaded using your USB drive.

More Firmware / Software details