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Microbiology & Wine Spoilage Specials

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Easy Wine Microbiology WINE Microbiology Product Guide

Brett Easy BlueTM   Microbiology Made Easy - "No Flames, No Loops"    

           & our BrettSDTM  family of Selective Differential ready to use media

           for Brettanomyces-Dekkera detection (broth & agar)


  Zygo-DM (from Stab Vida) Zygosaccharomyces Spoilage Differential Media

                                         see more NEWS

   LX-100 Microfuge - the affordable $180) wine microbe concentration system

BioSart 100 Monitors

Sterile, disposable funnels with 0.45 filter membranes for concentrating microbes

- can also be used as Petri dishes for direct culture

 Brett Bottom Samplers for Barrels and Tanks

Environmental Swabs for microbial sampling

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Easy FOOD Microbiology

Compact Dry 

AOAC Approved, Economical, Room Temperature Storage

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