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Wine Spoilage Organisms

Spoilage Monitoring Reagents from Unitech Scientific


Traditional winemakers like to say that "wine makes itself.” 


It is also true that a few microorganism - adapted to survive in must and wine -  routinely cause a lot of trouble. 


Review our collection of wine Microbiology & Brett literature.


Wine spoilage results in off-flavors and odors, atypical mouth-feel and other wine defects.  Spoilage organisms cause significant financial loss to wineries each year.  


Laboratory monitoring and trending for microbes (& microbial products) in wine provides the ‘early warning’ needed for timely preventive and remedial action.


Unitech Scientific offers a collection of reagents and technologies for detecting Wine Spoilage Organisms and their metabolic products.




1.   ENZYMATIC Monitoring (a few minutes/test)

Grape juice contains no Lactic Acid; monitoring for D-Lactic Acid (formed by lactic acid bacteria [LAB] metabolism of sugar) provides an effective ‘early warning’ for the presence of unwanted Lactic Acid bacteria. Some Lactic Acid bacteria (e.g. Leuconostoc sp., Oenococcus) are introduced during mali-lactic fermentation, converting L-Malic to L-Lactic Acid.  Unwanted LAB metabolize Citric Acid to Acetic Acid and diacetyl.

Acetic Acid bacteria are generally undesireable in grape juice and wine production and monitoring for Acetic Acid (VA) provides an effective ‘early warning’ for their presence

REAGENTS SPOILAGE ORGANISM Detection Target / Wine Defect
UniFLEX Acetic Acid kit Acetobacter, Gluconobacter, Gluconoacetobacter, Lactic Acid Bacteria, Gluconobacter Acetic Acid / high V.A., sharp vinegar aroma & taste
D-Lactic Acid  enzyme kit

D-Lactic Acid  ACCUVIN Test Strips (visual)

Lactic Acid bacteria (Lactobacillus, Leuconostoc, Oenococcus, Pediococcus, P. pentosaceus, L. plantarum, etc. D-Lactic Acid   / lactic taint, biogenic amines, and bitter, mousy, or ropy wine

2.   EIA Monitoring (a few hours/test) 

Mycotoxins (Products of spoilage Bacteria)
HistaSuredipstick 15' test


Lactic Acid bacteria, etc.



Histamine, a biogenic amine

Histamine 96-well quantitative 
Ochratoxin A 96-well quant. Aspergillus & Penicillium molds Ochratoxin A (nephrotoxin, carcinogen)

3. MICROBIOLOGY Monitoring (a few days/test)

Selective & Differential Microbiology Media Format Target Organisms
Sartorius Line of Microbiology Products